Our Story

My wife and I grew tired of the busy Los Angeles life we led and decided it was time to move! Through our search we found no lovlier town than Rosarito! Flavia my wife has always been an excellent cook and ever since she was a child took an interest in learning the delicious Argentinian family recipies. T'ill this day we prepare Nona's (grandma's ) Alfajores de maizena and her mother Betty's empanadas. I became a cheff master of the Argentinian Barbecue after many years behind the grill learning from one of the best, my father in law Daniel. We began our dream in a humble small carrito (cart) and were soon the talk of the town. Long lines of patient customers awaited to be eat our famously delicious Lomito (steak sandwich) and other specialties. We were blessed with a great response from our valued customers and quickly outgrew our cart and moved to a space across the street. 


Once again, we would like to thank our valued customers and friends for supporting us and always stopping by to enjoy our delicious food. 




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